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College Catalog 2022-2023 
College Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

SURG 109 - Skills Laboratory I

6 Credits
This course is designed for students to learn and demonstrate their ability to correctly apply the principles and practices of surgical techniques. Laboratory experience is focused on the students developing a satisfactory level of performance of safety and aseptic technique to enter into the clinical setting. Students will learn the proper sequence of the surgical scrub, gowning and gloving, establishing and maintaining a sterile field, draping materials, needles, sutures, basic instrumentation and transporting patients. Students will also learn to function in the first scrub role.

Course Outcomes
  1. Create sterile field and open sterile packages onto sterile field. Wrap sterile packages using envelope wrap and peel pouches with appropriate sealing methods.
  2. Demonstrate the steps of a hand wash. Identify the preliminary preparations for the surgical scrub. Demonstrate the steps of the surgical scrub. Employ sterile technique during the surgical scrub.
  3. Create a sterile field and set up the back table and Mayo stand without instruments per standard RTC setup. Practice roles of the surgical technologist, circulator and surgeon.
  4. Set up sterile field with instruments per RTC standard setup.
  5. Set up, count and set up Mayo stand with basic instruments. Apply knowledge of basic surgical instrumentation to specific surgical procedures.
  6. Set up back table adding suture, including counts, setting up Mayo stand. Practice passing instruments at the field to include suture per community practice.
  7. Perform basic position, prep and draping positions for various types of surgical procedures.
  8. Identify preoperative procedures to include standard identification of the patient, validation of consent, NPO status, and others per list. Transport patient on stretcher, transfer to OR table and back to stretcher utilizing lift sheet, backboard, and roller board.
  9. Apply acquired skills to General, Laparoscopic, and OBGYN in both the scrub and circulator role as described and/or demonstrated by the instructor.