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College Catalog 2022-2023 
College Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ABDY 123 - Straightening Metal

5 Credits
Students determine the extent of direct and indirect damage and direction of impact; develop and document a repair plan to straighten and rough-out contours of damaged panels to a suitable condition for body filling or metal finishing using power tools, hand tools, and weld-on pull attachments. Students locate and reduce surface irregularities on damaged body panels. Demonstrate hammer and dolly techniques. Heat shrink stretched panel areas to proper contour. Cold shrink stretched panel areas to proper contour. Mix body filler. Apply body filler: shape during curing. Rough sand cured body filler to contour; and finish sand. Training prepares students for certification in I-CAR Non-Structural Technician, ProLevel I.

Course Outcomes
  1. Differentiate between different metals used in vehicles.
  2. Form a plan for the repair of a panel.
  3. Differentiate between hammers and dollies and how to use and maintain those tools. Demonstrate how to protect the vehicle as it is being repaired so no additional damage will be introduced.
  4. Demonstrate how to stretch and shrink metal, both cold and using heat.
  5. Move metal safely from one area to another.
  6. Prepare a panel for plastic filler.
  7. Mix, apply, sand and finish plastic filler.
  8. Demonstrate familiarity with how PDR is used in the industry.