May 17, 2022  
College Catalog 2021-2022 
College Catalog 2021-2022

MATH 075 - Pre-Algebra

5 Credits
This course lays the foundation for the study of algebra. The topics include: review of whole number operations, fractions, decimals, percent, ratio and proportion; signed numbers and operations on signed numbers; real numbers; simplifying algebraic expressions; solving linear equations; geometry; units of measurement; introduction to graphs and statistics. This class is taught either in traditional lecture mode or through individually tailored, interactive computer instruction that provides the student’s primary method of learning, with the instructor available to assist students on an individual basis during the class period. 

Prerequisite(s): Completion of MATH 065  with a 2.0 or higher, or placement by assessment.

Course Outcomes
  1. Apply the concepts of numbers and procedures of numerical operations to real numbers.
  2. Solve linear equations in one variable and solve formulas for one of the variables.
  3. Use the concepts and language of ratio and proportion in calculation of unit conversions.
  4. Interpret/construct graphical representations of categorical/quantitative variables.
  5. Calculate centers and statistical summaries for quantitative variables.
  6. Apply concepts of probability in the calculation of the probability for simple compound events.  
  7. Apply algebraic and geometric concepts, and numerical computations, to solve problems.
  8. Communicate using mathematical notation and language.