May 17, 2022  
College Catalog 2021-2022 
College Catalog 2021-2022

CHEM& 121 - Introduction to Chemistry

5 Credits
This introductory course discusses the basic concepts in general and inorganic chemistry. It is designed to prepare students for coursework in health sciences or more advanced scientific coursework by laying the foundation of the most ‘elemental’ science - chemistry. Topics covered range from the nature of atoms to chemical reactions and include homework, laboratories, exams, and group exercises.

General education distribution area: Natural Science, with lab.

Prerequisite(s): Placement into MATH 095 ; or completion of MATH 085 , MATH 092 , AMATH 185 , or AMATH 190  with a 2.0 or higher; or completion of AMATH 175  with a 3.0 or higher.

Course Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate accurate measurement techniques and solve density-related problems.
  2. Explain the composition of atoms, concept of atomic number, mass number and isotopes.
  3. Describe the arrangement of elements in the periodic table and relate the arrangement to electronic configuration, bonding, and properties.
  4. Explain how ionic and covalent bonds are formed between atoms. 
  5. Recognize and predict the type of chemical reaction and identify the products of precipitation, acid-base reactions. Write balanced chemical equations and net ionic equations.
  6. Discuss the properties of solutions and calculate solution concentration in various units and perform stoichiometric calculations.
  7. Identify acids and bases, demonstrate an understanding of pH by relating it to hydrogen ion concentration and hydroxide ion concentration, and explain how a buffer works.
  8. Create Lewis structures and identify the shapes of covalent compounds. Explain difference between polar and nonpolar compounds.
  9. Perform laboratory experiments related to the above course learning objectives, and with a diverse team use common laboratory equipment appropriately.
  10. Apply precision, accuracy, and safe lab practices in taking measurements, and record observations, evaluate gather and analyze data.
  11. Communicate the results of laboratory work, including calculations and graphs if required.